Our Conversational Bot technology, delivers self-service options that emulate the live agent experience at a fraction of the cost. Engage your audience seamlessly, offer instant support, and streamline interactions, all while enhancing efficiency and reducing operational expenses.
Real-Time Data Flow
With true real-time data flow and event orchestration, we can integrate with virtually any platform, enabling your operations with instant insights and agile responsiveness. Harness synchronized data streams for informed decision-making.
Data Analytics
Our data analytics unlock valuable insights and drive informed decision-making across your organization. Leverage powerful data-driven strategies to optimize performance, enhance efficiency, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
External Bot Connections
Seamlessly integrate your existing bots into our CX platform, extending the capabilities of your customer service ecosystem. Amplify efficiency and engagement by leveraging your own bots, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic experience for your customers across all touchpoints.

ITM provided a solution for our patient prospect calling program for a much more affordable cost, better real time online reporting solution and remote monitoring anytime of day. ITM has provided additional value added items that include an inbound member service line as well as leaving live person answering machines for no additional cost. No hidden fees and no reporting costs helped further our lower cost of fundraising without sacrificing average donations and rapport with our members. —Director of Annual Fund, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Future-Proof your customer's experience with ITM and The Genesys Cloud CX™ platform. Our advanced AI and analytics capability will not only service your customers and provide them with an outstanding experience, you will also have access to advanced analytic data in real-time. The future of CX lies in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics. With ITM, you can be assured that our eye is always on the future. For you and your customers.

From bots to analytics, the Genesys Cloud CX platform allows us to build a completely customized experience for your customers.
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