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We are an experienced multifaceted teleservices company dedicated to delivering customized, value-driven solutions for your company's telemarketing needs.

About ITM Marketing, Inc.

ITM Marketing, Inc. is an experienced, multifaceted teleservices company based in Coshocton Ohio. We are dedicated to delivering customized, value driven solutions for interactions with business and consumers alike. Started in 1996 in Indianapolis, Indiana and then moved to Coshocton in 2000; ITM has been successful in attracting and retaining high caliber employees with a professional and employee centric philosophy.

ITM has thrived by providing top-notch training to our employees and investing in high quality technological solutions to ensure we stay at the top of the game. Our mission is not be the largest in our industry but to provide the highest quality services with competitive pricing to meet you and your client’s needs.

Live Agent Services

Our high quality live agents are well trained and prepared to exceed your expectations. Our facilities allow us to scale operations based on your needs. Our agents will create the human connection your current and new clients so rightfully deserve.

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Automated Services

We can provide you with quality IVR services as well as automated calling to meet your indvidual needs. From customer service to political calls, ITM Marketing can do it all for you.

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