ITM Solutions - Outbound Calls


Flexible Calling

Our dialer can scale to handle campaigns of nearly any size and our agents can handle nearly any type of call.

TCPA Compliance

Our dialer is fully TCPA compliant to ensure that all calls are made legally. In addition our dialer can be adapted in the event of future regulation changes.

Digital Recording

All calls are digitally recorded and backed up offsite. This ensures your calls are always accessible when needed.

Custom Caller ID

The use of custom caller id helps provide better contact rates. We are able to set caller id based on numerous factors like location or lead type.

We have the experience and capabilities to make your outbound campaign a success. Our dialer scales to meet your demand and we have the unique ability to scale our workforce to meet your needs as well.

Our commitment to compliance is very important to us. TCPA and PCI Compliance are first and foremost in anything we do. Ensuring that we are in compliance with all laws and regulations is just one more way that we strive for greatness.

In addition we have many features for outbound calling that make us successful. Multiple dialing techniques, custom scripting, custom caller id and many more options lead to the successful completion of your campaigns.

If you are in need of outbound services, please contact us so we can get started.

ITM was a joy to work with. Great communication which I value, instant reporting with the online access. They helped me achieve my target goals when I was struggling with deadlines.

Jason Yee

Canon Communications
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