ITM Solutions - Blended Calls


Trained Agents

Our agents are trained to your specific needs and requirements so that agents become an extension of your brand.

Better Service

The ablity to blend calls in multiple campaigns means quicker and better service.

Digital Recording

All calls are digitally recorded and backed up offsite. This ensures your calls are always accessible when needed.

Flexible Routing

Our Dialer and ACD allow for many options to route a call and create blended campaigns.

When most people speak of a blended environment in a call center, it is usually agents that take inbound and outbound calls. ITM Marketing takes this one step further by creating blended campaigns.

Our unique technology and business practices allow us to create campaigns to meet any needs. Do you need us to handle calls from your technicians and then follow that up by placing an outbound call to your customer to verify the information? How about outbound calls that turn to inbound calls?

This also allows us to make reminder calls, survey calls and any other outbound calls based on numerous factors. Our truly blended campaigns can put you a step ahead of your competition.

If you are in need of blended services, please contact us so we can get started.

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